Sep 15, 2014

Lickinghole Creek Bourbon Barrel Three Chopt Tripel

Unlike their standard Three Chopt Tripel, Lickinghole Creek’s Bourbon Barrel Three Chopt Tripel is an ugly beer. It pours a murky, muted light brown in color. The head is rocky and full, but that liquid looks like could have been pulled right from the muddy creek that gives the company its name. Beyond that, this 11.3% ABV Belgian-style tripel is just about perfect.

The company only released 2000 bottles of the brew — this was bottle 613. The beer is aged for twelve weeks in 15-year-old Kentucky Bourbon Barrels before making it’s way into glass. The result is a beer that is decadently smooth and bourbon-y without overpowering the palate, allowing the base tripel to shine through.

I’ve been fortunate to enjoy Boubron Barrel Three Chopt on more than one occasion since originally taking these notes back in mid-June. And every time, it’s spot on. I just hope I’m able to still find a bottle or three on shelves in order to replenish my dwindling stock.

Lickinghole Creek Bourbon Barrel Three Chopt Tripel photo


As stated and evident by the above photo, this is not the most attractive brew. The murky, muddy brew sits with a large cap of off-white foam that fell to a full ring around the surface.


Spices, herbal notes, vanilla, wood, soft bourbon notes, apple, citrus and honey all fill the nose smoothly. Man, this beer smells good.

Lickinghole Creek Bourbon Barrel Three Chopt Tripel label


Smooth bourbon, wood and herbal, earthy hop notes arrive first, leading the way for caramel, vanilla notes, apple and light spices. This brew is amazingly smooth and flavorful. The finish is slightly drying and masks the large alcohol level incredibly well. The brew doesn’t quite have the same snap as the base Three Chopt, but it’s slightly softer mouthfeel suits the barrel influence appropriately.


Lickinghole Creek continue to shine as one of the premier breweries in Virginia. Their limited Bourbon Barrel Three Chopt Tripel is prime example of their ability to craft a beer that is well rounded and full flavored without clubbing you over the head with blunt characteristics. The beer is refined, tasty, smooth and one that I would love to be able to enjoy long into the future. I just hope that I’m able to keep a couple of bottles in the basement for that long.

Rating: 4.5/5

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