Jan 28, 2014

New Belgium Brewing Spring Blonde

Last week, New Belgium brewing announced the arrival of two new seasonal releases this Spring. The first is Spring Blondes, a 6% ABV Belgian-style ale. From the press piece, we learn where the beer’s inspiration originated:

This Belgian-style ale gets its inspiration from the spring trip to Belgium that all employee-owners can experience in honor of their five-year work anniversary. The adventure is a tribute to the bike trip New Belgium’s co-founder Jeff Lebesch took in the late 80’s that inspired him to brew Belgian beers.

This brew may not be in the sessionable beer range in terms of alcohol, but its refreshing nature and flavors give it the impression of a relatively small beer. It’s smooth drinking and carries just a touch of Belgian yeast to go along with a flavor profile that just screams warmer weather — it’s currently below zero with the wind chill this morning.


Spring Blonde pours a pale golden straw in color with a cap of white foam taht fell slowly to a full ring around the glass.

New Belgium Brewing Spring Blonde photo


Grain, lightly toasted bread, lemon zest, honey and a touch of peppery yeast combine for an inviting aroma.


The flavors follow the nose almost perfectly as grain, honey and lightly peppery yeast lead the way. A fairly hoppy back half presents lemony citrus notes and a moderate bitterness that are carried along by a lightly crisp and active level of carbonation. Hints of cereal and lightly toasted bread are present, as well. The beer ends slightly drying and with a lasting finish.


For a beer that’s meant to be enjoyed in the warming months to come, the flavor profile of Spring Blonde is spot on. It would be a great little brew to enjoy after that first long day out in the garden or yard. Heck, it would be a great way to finish off a hike on the first warm weekend after such a frigid Winter. I can see this beer making an appearance or two in my fridge.

Rating: 3.5/5

This is a review of a promotional sample from the brewery.

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