Nov 12, 2014

Sierra Nevada Double Latte – Coffee Milk Stout

I intentionally saved Double Latte toward the end of the Beer Camp Across America variety back because, well, I like stouts and thought that I would save the best for last, so to speak. Well, I’m glad I did. This 7.6% ABV milk stout (brewed with coffee) is the outcome of a joint venture between Sierra Nevada Brewing and Ninkasi Brewing. Now, I’m not wholly familiar with Ninkasi — I’ve heard of them in passing — so this was an opportunity to sample something they had touched.

This rich and roasty milk stout carried an excellent coffee character without any of the usual bitterness that is often associated with dark coffees. There’s not an overly strong milk/lactose presence throughout, but just enough of a hint to soften the overall flavor a touch, making for a velvety smooth drinking experience.


Double Lattee pours an opaque black in color with a billowy stack of light brown foam.

Sierra Nevada Double Latte


Dark chocolate notes, roast black coffee, a touch of tobacco and a hint of alcohol fill the nose smoothly as a subtle lactose trait lingers in the background.


This is a tasty brew. Rich milk chocolate, espresso, roast coffee, anise, molasses, a moderate sweetness and an overall dry, earthy character make up the flavor profile. There isn’t a ton of milk/lactose in the mix but enough to make its presence known. Double Latte has a velvety texture and is wonderfully full bodied. A subtle warmth rises softly in the drying finish.


This is a solid milk stout. It’s rich and robust without going too far in either direction. It’s not quite decadent in character, but close — the breweries did well to keep this one in check. I love the full flavor and body to this beer. Double Latte is certainly my favorite of the pack thus far — for now as there’s still one more review to go.

Rating: 4/5

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