Aug 18, 2014

Wasatch Last One In Lager

A couple of weeks ago, I received a generous package from the Wasatch/Squatters brewing group (embedded tweet below).

Many of the samples I had already reviewed prior to this package — Hop Rising, IPA, Polygamy Porter, Apricot Hefeweizen, Devestator, Ghost Rider White IPA — whether under the same name or freshly rebranded moniker and label artwork. A few of them, however, were new to me so I first, uh, dove into Wasatch Last One In Lager.

This 5.6% pilsner is brewed as an homage to “…raging houseboat parties on Lake Powell.” As such, Last One In Lager goes down as quickly and as smoothly as a beer of this nature should. It’s not an overly dynamic beer, but does has decent flavor and a light, refreshing body. Perhaps, if it arrived in cans I’d be able to enjoy it more fully via shotgunning or funnel.

Wasatch Last One In Lager photo


The brew pours a crystal clear, pale yellow with a dense cap of white foam that left behind decent lacing as it dropped.


There’s not much here on the nose: grain, lightly toasted bread and cereal.

Wasatch Last One In Lager photo


Well, this is certainly a light bodied brew. Last One In Lager is soft on the palate with a fizzy, lightly buzzing level of carbonation that carries grain, cereal, a soft malt sweetness and maybe a hint of honey over the tongue. It’s got a wonderfully refreshing and unassuming nature.


There’s honestly not too much more to write about this beer. The back label says it all with its suggested pairings: “potato chips, pretzels and more beer.” Last One In Lager is made for one thing and one thing only so get your water wings and floating, styrofoam cooler ready. It’s time to pound some beers.

Rating: 3/5

This is a review of a promotional sample.

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