Aug 5, 2015

Andechs Weissbier Dunkel

I purchased this bottle of Kloster Andechs Weissbier Dunkel during the same trip that saw me pick up their tasty Weissbier Hell. And if that beer were any indication, I knew — even before cracking open this dunkel — that I was going to thoroughly enjoy it.

This 5% ABV brew is just about a prototypical of the style as you can get. It’s lightly sweet, has a good roast and drinks easy. I’m not sure what else I can really say about the brew, so here are the details.


Weissbier Dunkel pours a murky brown in color with a dense, pillow head of tan foam.

Andechs Weissbier Dunkel photo


Caramel, a soft roast, wheat, grain and a hint of tobacco mingle gently on the nose.


Lovely roasty notes lead the way for wheat, caramel, a hint of cocoa and a light level of sweetness. The brew has a bready and lightly rich malt character that fits the bill wonderfully. With a smooth mouthfeel and medium body, the beer satisfies with each sip.


If you’ve had a dunked before, then you know what you’re getting with Weissbier Dunkel. If you haven’t, then look to this beer for an excellent example of the style. It’s full-flavored with excellent body and drinks smooth.

Rating: 4/5

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