Aug 25, 2015

Bissell Brothers Lux Rye Ale

Of the group of beers that my sister brought down from Maine for our Summer vacation, this four-pack of cans from Bissell Brothers was by far and away my favorite. Lux is a 5.1% ABV rye pale ale that delivers everything that I personally look for in a brew of this style. The beer is crafted with Mosaic and Chinook hop varieties that add a welcome fruitiness and accompanying hop bite that accentuates a smooth rye spiciness.

To say that the four pack didn’t last long would be an understatement. I love Bear Republic’s Hop Rod Rye — it’s the one I hold as a standard against which others are measured — and Lux, from this small Maine brewery, is right up there in terms of flavor. The beer drinks easy and refreshes wonderfully, providing the perfect beverage traits needed after a long day avoiding sharks (I kid) in the OBX waters.


Lux pours with a frothy cap of tawny foam. An ever-so-slightly haze fills the beer’s soft amber hue.

Bissell Brothers Lux Rye Ale photo


Pine, grapefruit, rye, soft caramel, grass, light cereal notes and brad mingle comfortably with one another in an excellent smelling aroma.


There’s not as much rye here as the nose hinted, but still enough in there to make you take notice.The beer has an excellent earthiness to go with piney hops and grapefruit. Light spicy rye notes mingle with a moderate hop bitterness before fading excruciatingly slowly to a lasting finish. The beer leaves a gentle warmth in the chest.

Bissell Brothers Lux Rye Ale photo


I really, really, really liked this beer. As stated Hop Rod Rye is one of may favorite beers and if Bissell’s Lux were available this far south, it very well could be a contender for that rye pale ale crown. It’s a beer that is not as “hoppy” or as “rye-y” as the gold standard, but it carries a wonderful balance and easy drinking, refreshing nature that I absolutely love in a brew like this.

Rating: 4.25/5

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