Feb 17, 2015

Devils Backbone Bravo Four Point Session IPA

Devils Backbone Eight Point IPA has been a go-to standard for a solid Virginia IPA — it’s routinely found in our beer fridge throughout the Summer months. The brewery’s sessionable Bravo Four Point, however, is a relative newcomer to the household and hasn’t quite yet made its mark on our tastebuds and livers. When I first picked up a sixer of this 4.4% ABV IPA, I assumed it was just the smaller sibling (or perhaps cousin) to the Eight Point, but with it’s focus on the Bravo hop variety, it is anything but that.

Bravo Four Point’s singular hop focus means that the flavors I thoroughly enjoy in the company’s flagship IPA is missing. In its place is a leafier, grassier hop character that, at first, was a bit of a surprise, but eventually settled in nicely after a couple of cans. The brew was enjoyable, but unlike its bigger compatriot in the brewery’s line-up, it’s just not quite as engaging. I believe it will take some time for the beer to endear itself — perhaps during this upcoming Summer.


Bravo Four Point pours a golden amber in color with a small, fleeting cap of white foam.

Devils Backbone Bravo Four Point Session IPA photo


Grassy, leafy hop notes lead the way with grapefruit and lightly toasted bread in tow.


The flavors follow the aroma almost to a tee as grassy, piney hops combine with a sharp mouthfeel and moderate bitterness right from the start. A hint of bready malt and grain persist throughout. The beer drinks fairly easily despite the sharpness and fades to a lightly drying, lasting finish.


For the most part, Bravo Four Point is a fairly straightforward brew. It may focus on a single hop variety, but it does it well, accentuating the leafy, grassy characteristics well. It’s crispness makes for a refreshing beer which helps counter its rather one-dimensional flavor profile. That said, I can foresee plenty of crushed empties at my feet during future Summer grilling sessions.

Rating: 3.5/5

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