Oct 12, 2015

Evil Twin Brewing Freudian Slip

I like a solid amount of hops in my barleywines as much as the next beer dork, but this is the first that I’ve had so thoroughly packed with the fruitier aspect of that happy little flower. Evil Twin’s Freudian Slip has a ton of luscious fruit character — tropical and citrus varities abound — within its copper depths. This beer is just as the brewery describes it, “[a] beer with a big ego, drive and a huge thirst for recognition.”

At 10.3% ABV, the beer isn’t obscenely potent, but it does pack a solid boozy punch. It’s one that you will gladly take on the chin for another sip.


The brew pours a rich copper in color with a rocky head of beige foam.

Evil Twin Brewing Freudian Slip


It’s fairly fruit-forward for the style with plenty of citrus undertones, caramel, grain, a hint of raisin and tingle of alcohol


Loads of luscious fruit, caramel, bread, a moderate sweetness and solid amount of chest-warming alcohol arrive almost immediately. Grapefruit, stone fruits, pine and taste bread are all carried on a slightly syrupy mouthfeel before ending in a lasting, drying finish.


Through all of the hit or miss, ups and downs I’ve had with this brewery, Freudian Slip is a solid hit. The beer just screams fruity hops and alcohol, which made for just the right beer to sip late one evening. I’m curious to see how it fairs with some cellaring — the fruit traits are sure to fade, but what comes out to replace them?

Rating: 4/5

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