Sep 14, 2015

Flying Dog The Gourd Standard

I’m going to avoid the whole season creep discussion here and focus the actual beer in question with this review. Flying dog already has a stellar pumpkin-based brew in The Fear, a dark, imperial brew that shows up frequently in my fridge around this time of year. The Gourd Standard is at the opposite end of the beer spectrum when compare to it’s darker, scarier cousin.

Brewed with the Hallertau Hersbucker hop variety, pumpkin puree and spices, The Gourd Standard is a 6.7% ABV IPA. And, I believe the first brew commercially-described as a pumpkin-based IPA that I’ve encountered in my drinking journey. It’s earthy, clean and carries a good bit of pumpkin influence without the over-the-top potpourri spices that are typical of this seasonal style.


The Gourd Standard pours a fairly dark, slightly murky reddish amber in color with a resilient head of pillow, beige foam.

Flying Dog The Gourd Standard photo


Lots of pumpkin and spices up front with caramel and soft, grassy pine in the background.


This beer tastes very much like I am enjoying a decent IPA while eating a slice of my wife’s pumpkin bread. The combination just works. The spices and pumpkin step back from the mic a bit and let caramel, bread, pine and grass into the spotlight some. That hop bitterness (60 IBU) though is what really completes this beer — a moderate bite with a lasting exit.


I’ve been staying away from pumpkin brews the past couple of years. I’m just tried of them appearing on shelves in late July — that’s just not the right time of year for these types of flavors. That said, the fact that The Gourd Standard is an IPA certainly makes it that much more appealing to have on warmer weather. Though, when compared with The Fear, it takes second fiddle.

Rating: 3.75/5

This is a review of a promotional sample.

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