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Iron Hill Pumpkin Ale

To be brutally open and transparent, the only reason I’m reviewing a pumpkin ale in September is because it was provided by […]


Schlafly Beer Introduces Limited White Pumpkin Ale

Fans of Schlafly Beer’s seasonal, special release Pumpkin Ale may notice a stand-out in their six-packs. The largest locally owned brewery in St. Louis has released 1,000 bottles of a variant White Pumpkin Ale that can be found intermixed within traditional Pumpkin Ale six-packs across their distribution. The White Pumpkin…

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New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Atomic Pumpkin Ale

I guess September isn’t too early to crack open a pumpkin ale, especially as cold as the weather has been in the […]

Beer Review

Heritage Brewing Barrel-Aged Bradford

Back in December of 2013, a week or so prior to Heritage Brewing’s grand opening, I had the opportunity to sample a […]

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Coronado Brewing Punk’in Drublic

I hadn’t planned on drinking a pumpkin beer until it was much cooler, if at all this year. Coronado Brewing, however, forced […]

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Hardywood Rum Barrel Pumpkin

Last year, I did my damnedest to boycott any sort of pumpkin beer — barrel-aged or otherwise. I did pretty well, though […]

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Flying Dog The Gourd Standard

I’m going to avoid the whole season creep discussion here and focus the actual beer in question with this review. Flying dog […]

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Southampton Pumpkin Ale

This bottle of Southampton Pumpkin Ale was part of a mixed six-pack that I purchased back in August — I have quite […]

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Evolution Brewing Jacques Au Lantern

It’s that time of year. Pumpkin beers are everywhere. So we might as well check out some new ones that I haven’t […]

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Devils Backbone Ichabod Crandall

It seems as though Fall-oriented beers like this Devils Backbone Ichabod Crandall (a 5.1% ABV Pumpkin Ale) are arriving on store shelves […]

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Fordham Spiced Harvest Ale

Yesterday I posted a review of Dominion Octoberfest, which is owned by Fordham Brewing. Today, we take a look at the parent […]