May 21, 2015

Port City Ways & Means

Of all the recent trends the past year or two in the craft beer world, there’s really only one that I’ve been more likely to embrace and that is the “session IPA.” I love a good IPA and I love the face that a sessionable brew let’s me enjoy more than a couple over a period of time, but can we please call this “style” something else!? Perhaps, maybe, just IPA?

Regardless, Port City have crafted their own take on the trending marketing speak with Ways & Means. And it’s good, if not one of the better examples of a lower alcohol IPA I’ve come across in a bit.

Weighing in at 4.5% ABV, the beer is a couple of tenths from being technically called a session ale, but I’m willing to let that slide just this once. A combination of rye, Centennial and Citra hops provide a solid amount of citrusy fruit and snappy, peppery bite (55 IBU).


The beer pours a slightly hazy, light amber in color with a large head of frothy, white foam.

Port City Ways & Means photo


Ways & Means has an excellent blend of orange, grapefruit, a hint of lemon, grain, soft rye and a touch of bready malt.


Citrusy fruits open the way with grapefruit taking the lead as lemon zest and a touch of orange quickly follow. Bready malt and just a touch of rye help balance out the hop profile. The beer has a good tingle of bitterness that hangs around for a while. The beer is fruity and refreshing.


While I do enjoy the number of lower alcohol IPAs that have been showing up no shelves, I’m just not a fan of the tag that’s been applied to them. That complaint aside, I can’t really find anything to fault Port City on with their Ways & Means. It’s a tasty, fairly sessionable beer with an excellent refreshing nature. It’s definitely a beer that will make the long hot Summer that much more bearable.

Rating: 4/5

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