Feb 25, 2015

South Street Brewery Satan’s Pony

Charlottesville’s South Street Brewery was just recently re-opened in 2014 under the watchful eyes of Mandi and Taylor Smack — founders of Blue Mountain Brewery. The duo apparently spent some time working at the location in the early 2000’s and decided it was important to keep the institution alive and well. The first brew that I have come across from the company is their Satan’s Pony.

This 5.3% ABV amber ale is a bit more tame than its moniker may hint at. There’s not a whole lot of evil within it’s golden depths or any mischief at all really. It’s a rather mild-mannered brew that is easy on the palate and goes down easy. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


The beer pours a dark, golden amber in color with a small cap of beige foam.

South Street Brewery Satan's Pony photo


It smells pretty straightforward with plenty of bready malt, caramel, crackers, grain and a soft toast.


Not to be a smart ass, but it tastes like an amber ale. It’s easy on the palate with a solid bit of malt, caramel, bread, light sweetness and a complimentary touch of hop bitterness (12 IBU). The beer goes down easily with a fairly light body and clean, lasting finish.


If this brew were just a tad lighter in the alcohol, Satan’s Pony would be a brew I could quaff on a regular basis. It’s got an easy-drinking nature with good flavor and refreshing character. It’s not a bold or dynamic beer, but it doesn’t need to be in order to satisfy — and that’s exactly what it does.

Rating: 3.75/5

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