Sep 8, 2016

Harpoon Flannel Friday

There was an amber ale from Spanish Peaks called Black Dog Ale that the wife and I used to drink frequently back in the day. It’s been many, many years since I’ve even seen that beer on shelves in my area, but its flavors have etched themselves in the dusty corners of my memory. And it’s those wisps of memories that first came to mind upon taking a sip of Harpoon’s new Fall seasonal, Flannel Friday.

This 5.7% ABV and 35 IBU beer is the brewery’s first new Autumnal release since 1989, but Flannel Friday is a beer that could be enjoyed in the middle of Summer or the depths of the cooler months to come. The beer’s malt backbone brings caramel, bread and a soft roast while Cascade and Citra hops offer pine, light citrusy notes and floral traits. The combined flavors initially brought to mind the Spanish Peaks beer, but as Flannel Friday warms in the glass, it starts to separate itself from those memories.

Those floral aromas and flavors step forward from the smooth malt and hints of pine as the beer has had some time to sit in the glass. The overall smooth character of this amber all makes it easy drinking and one that is appropriate in the last gasp heat wave hitting the East Coast right now or sitting on the steps watching your little ones launch themselves blindingly into large piles of leaves.

This is a review of a promotional sample.