Mar 23, 2017

UFO Launches Refreshed Look and New Variant

Boston, MA (March 22, 2017) ? The UFO line of unfiltered wheat beers has been refreshed, including packaging, crowns, an embossed bottle and tap handles. Beginning this week, the newly redesigned packages of UFO White Ale, UFO Hefeweizen, and UFO Raspberry will begin their journey from the Brewery and landing in coolers near you. Along with the original unfiltered favorites, a brand new UFO summer seasonal offering, UFO Huckleberry, will make its debut. What the huck is a huckleberry? It’s like a blueberry. But better.

When the first UFO offering, Hefeweizen, was introduced in Boston back in 1998, the idea of a cloudy beer served with lemon was an alien concept to some. You want to put fruit in my beer? Get outta here!? was a common reaction. Fast forward about two decades (today), and these refreshing, sometimes-fruit-infused-but-always-easy-drinking UFO beers have become the ultimate flavor quenchers. Now try saying that three times fast.

“UFO is raring to take off,” says UFO Brand Manager, Victoria Kidder. “These beers are brewed to be fun, interesting, and full of flavor. Now they’ve got the look and voice to match what they’ve always been. We’ve put a lot of thought into every piece of it so that the curious beer drinkers out there get a hint of the adventure that awaits, without giving too much away. Discovery is half the fun in beer drinking, right?”

The refreshed new UFO look was a collaborative effort between the Brewery’s in-house design team and Boston-based brand strategy firm, Catapult Thinking. It is designed to better communicate what UFO is all about. Each element of the package is meant to provide subtle cues about the beer inside. The new colors and fonts, for example, are brighter, friendlier, and fun-er, conveying the flavorful, refreshing, unfiltered wheat beer goodness you can/should expect when you drink a UFO beer.

To go along with the new packaging, a brand new UFO website will launch on April 6th. The site will be chock-full of info about UFO beers, recipes (food and cocktail!) that infuse UFO beers, and fun ways to enjoy UFO beers without any sort of cooking going on anywhere around you. Consider your new hub for flavor adventures. But again, not until 4/6.

“Choosing a beer shouldn’t be hard,” says Dan Kenary, Mass Bay Brewing Co. CEO and co-founder. “The less time that’s spent getting caught up in the details, the more time there is to actually enjoy the beer. That’s a big reason why we started brewing UFO beers. There’s great history, tradition, and craft behind these beers, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be uncomplicated and easy to drink.”

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