Jan 11, 2018

Harpoon Brewery Introducing UFO Apricadabra

Ladies and gentlemen and wheat beer lovers prepare yourselves for a new spring seasonal beer so refreshing, it must be tasted to be believed. UFO Beers welcomes a brand-new flavor adventure for spring: UFO Apricadabra. An unfiltered wheat beer brewed with fresh apricot puree, UFO Apricadabra’s subtly sweet flavor will leave you believing that a beer so juicy and refreshing could be nothing other than magic. The new UFO seasonal is now available in 12 oz. cans and bottles, in the UFO “Jet Pack” spring mix pack, and on draft at select locations.

Spring is a magical season, says UFO Brand Manager Victoria Kidder. Everything becomes more vibrant, more alive. We wanted to brew a flavorful beer that matched the best parts of spring. UFO Apricadabra is bright and refreshing with a perfect balance of apricot flavor, just right for this invigorating season.

Apricots deliver on an earthy sweetness that blends well with wheat ale, says Al Marzi, Chief Brewing Officer for UFO Beers. Apricot is increasing in popularity in the craft beer and food scene, infusing a sweet aromatic flavor to many savory dishes like salsas, sauces and marinades. UFO fans can expect forthcoming recipes using UFO Apricadabra that include homemade apricot muffins and a delicious apricot sauce ice cream topper.

UFO Apricadabra continues UFO’s tradition of flavor adventures sometimes-fruit-infused-but-always-easy-drinking unfiltered wheat beer that pairs best with friends and food. A new UFO website chock-full of info about UFO beers, including the new UFO Apricadabra, and food and cocktail recipes that infuse this beer is available at www.ufobeer.com.

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