Jul 23, 2015

Steamworks Jasmine IPA

I’m not at all familiar with with Steamworks Brewing, but apparently they’ve been running the only steam-powered brewpub in Canada for the last 20 or so years — furthering their brewing capacity in 2013 with the construction of a production facility. I guess that’s lucky for me or I may not have run across their Jasmine IPA down here in Virginia back in May.

Brewed with Centennial, Celeia and Bramling Cross hop varieties and an Ardennes yeast strain, this 6.5% ABV (60 IBU) IPA is then further flavored with jasmine flowers. The end result in a flowery, herbal aroma and a flavor that feels fresh, refreshes the sould and tastes pretty darn good.


The brew pours a light copperish amber in color with a cap of white foam that fell to patchy surface cover.

Steamworks Jasmine IPA photo


Loads of jasmine greet the senses first, followed by light citrus, soft pine and a touch of grain.


The jasmine takes a step back here allowing the hop blend to shine through. Pine, citrus notes and herbal hops all come forward smoothly. The beer has a very fresh — I couldn’t find a born-on date and cannot confirm how fresh — and lively character with a decent touch of hop bitterness. Jasmine IPA is has a refreshing mouthfeel and clean finish.


After taking a few sniffs of this brew prior to the first sip, I was worried there would be too much jasmine in the mix. Thankfully, there wasn’t. The flavor profile on this beer is ideal for a hot Spring/Summer afternoon. The citrusy mix and light jasmine in the background make for a beer with unique flavor and thirst-quenching capabilities. I’m curious to see if I run into more of the company’s products this far south.

Rating: 3.75/5

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