May 1, 2015

Victory Brewing Kirsch Gose

I was surprised to read that Kirsch Gose is Victory Brewing’s first foray into brewing with natural fruit juices. I guess, I just assumed that, having been around for a while, the brewery would have already played around with the ingredient. Regardless of my assumptions, this 4.7% ABV goes is pretty damn impressive considering it’s the company’s first commercial release of a beer this style.

Brewed with a variety of wheats, Czech-grown Saaz hops and that previously mentioned cherry juice, Kirsch Gose packs plenty of earthy fruit flavor and a moderate-to-high sour tartness. The overall character of the beer, along with its wonderfully crisp carbonation, makes for a refreshing beverage that I would love to have on any warm afternoon.


Kirsch Gose pours a reddish pink (or is that a pinkish red?) in color with a dense cap of light pink foam.

Victory Brewing Kirsch Gose photo


A solid waft of cherries, moderate sour tartness, soft funky yeast and grain arrive gently on the nose. I don’t pick up any salinity.


This is a fun little beer. A good bit of sour cherry tartness and earthy fruit flavors arrive immediately with a touch of yeast, wheat and a soft sweetness that lingers gently. I don’t pick up much salt as I have in other examples of the style. The medium body and crisp mouthfeel make for a refreshing experience as the sour pucker lasts a good while after each sip.


I like this brew. It’s not the most potent in the realm of sour beers, but I don’t think that’s what it is meant to be. Kirsch Gose is a great brew for refreshing the soul after a long day outdoors or just something to sip on lightly while chatting with friends on the back deck. It is, for lack of a better term, approachable for the style. This may have been a sample bottle, but it’s certainly one I wouldn’t mind picking up in the future.

Rating: 4/5

This is a review of a promotional sample.

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