Aug 10, 2016

Aslin Beer Company Neutrino

There is no brewery in Virginia right now as hyped or as drooled-over by the masses than Aslin Beer Company. This very new brewery specializes in brewing unfiltered IPAs (they brew other styles, as well). And when I say, unfiltered, I really mean ugly — like real ugly. And, I’ve had unattractive beers before that have been damn tasty (Lickinghole Creek Three Chopt Tripel). Unfortunately, Aslin Neutrino’s flavor is just as muddled as its appearance.

Neutrino isn’t the first beer I’ve had from the company — that was a Citra-based IPA shared amongst coworkers. It was was tasty enough, but neither it nor Neutrion have really lived up to the rabid hype. This 6.2% ABV IPA has a good amount of fruit on the nose, as well as an off-putting trait that, thankfully, isn’t in the flavor blend. As stated in the intro, however, the flavors are muted and muddled, never really coming together as cleanly as expected.

I understand that folks get excited about a new (local) brewery that does things differently. That’s to be expected and I’m not targeting this company because of that attention, but there was nothing about the two beers I’ve had that warrants any sort of perfect review score or quotes like “amazeballs.” I’m sure that Aslin can make a quality beer, but Neutrino failed to impress.