Mar 23, 2016

Ballast Point Commodore

For all the tasty adjunct-infused, barrel-aged imperial stouts that draw the big crowds, sometimes you simply want a stout — plain and simple. Ballast Point’s Commodore is just that. This 6.5% ABV (60 IBU) American stout does’t have cocoa nibs added, no bourbony influence and no oak aging.

What this medium-bodied stout does have, is a strong personality in a straightforward package. Much like a robust cigar, Commodore has a solid amount of roastiness, a light char and coffee notes. I can’t imagine that this robust beer will be for everyone, but if you like yourself a dry stout, this may be the stout for your. There’s an earthiness presented here, as well, that gives the brew a bit of a rough characteristic.

This is the type of stout that I like. It’s earthy, raw and has just about all that I look for in a tasty brew. Commodore is a beer that I will be revisiting again and again.