Jan 25, 2016

Coronado Brewing Imperial Blue Bridge Coffee Stout

Much like the fashion in which I like my coffee — black and slightly mean — Coronado’s Imperial Blue Bridge Coffee Stout delivers an earthy and lightly rough drinking experience. There’s not much here to distract or sway your attention from the roast coffee, dark malt, light char and hints of tobacco. It’s straight to the point.

This 8% ABV (45 IBU) seasonal release uses cold-brewed coffee from local (to the brewery) Cafe Moto added to the mix post fermentation. The result is a fairly smooth drinking beer with a decent balance between a moderate level of sweetness and a lightly biting bitterness that tingles gently. If anything, I’d personally prefer the beer to be just a touch fuller on the palate.

Imperial Blue Bridge Coffee Stout is a solid offering that will treat you just right if you’re stuck in the aftermath of the blizzard that hit the east coast over the past couple of days. Hopefully, you’ve got a bottle or two to tide you over.

This is a review of a promotional sample.