Feb 23, 2016

Hops & Grain A Pale Mosaic

Like many new releases the past year or so, Hops & Grain A Pale Mosaic takes advantage of the new hop trend, but this ins’t simply a single-hopped beer. There’s more going on within this slightly hazy brew than any one hop variety can provide. The 5.9% ABV IPA is brewed with an undisclosed Oregon-grown hop for bittering and a “hefty whirlpool addition” before dry-hopping with a combination of Mosaic, Nugget and Simcoe varieties. I’m not sure how much Mosaic is used in the mix, but it’s just part of the whole.

And the whole is a darn tasty and refreshing IPA. The brew has an earthy character with grass and plenty of fruit ranging from pineapple to melon and finally to grapefruit. A Pale Mosaic, as result, isn’t a one-dimensional citrus fruit bomb. There’s a welcome amount of bready malt to help balance out the flavors before the beer ends with a lasting hop tingle and reinvigorating finish.

If ever Hops & Grain ever start shipping to Virginia, A Pale Mosaic would certainly make a regular appearance in my beer fridge.

This is a review of a promotional sample.