Apr 20, 2016

Lickinghole Creek Goochland Quadrupel Ale

I’m a big fan of Lickinghole Creek’s Belgian-style tripel (and the bourbon-barrel aged version, as well) so it should stand to reason that I’m going to dig their take on a quadrupel. Well, yes and no. Goochland Quadrupel Ale is a bit on the rough side.

This big 11.2% ABV Belgian-style quad needs a bit of work. While the earthy, terroir character works so well in many of the brewery’s products, it tends to muddle things here. A quadrupel is supposed to be big and bold, yes, but also a bit more refined and smoother than the profile is presented with this particular example. That’s not to say this beer doesn’t have its merits — they are just overshadowed.

Perhaps some cellaring would do Goochland Quadrupel some good, though I’m not 100% sure. I suppose the rustic nature of this beer could fade a bit, allowing for the dark fruits and alcohol to come more to the forefront. If I see another bottle on any upcoming beer runs, I may take another chance on one just to set aside for a bit. Until then, I’ll await the next shipment of the company’s Three Chopt Tripel.