Jan 13, 2016

Sixpoint Brewing Sensi 2015

Sensi is Sixpoint’s harvest ale. I believe it’s only been brewed the past few of years — each time with a different blend of freshly picked hops. For 2015, we get a blend of Amarillo and Cascade hop varieties to tantalize our taste buds.

I first saw cans of this brew on shelves probably a couple of months before I eventually purchased it in mid-November. Serves me right for not taking advantage right away. The beer still tastes good, but it’s not as fresh as it could have been. The wet hops have faded a touch while the malt has stepped up a bit in the flavor. This isn’t a bad thing, but it’s not ideally how this one should probably taste.

As it stands when I took notes for this review, Sensi still has a wonderful blend of peppery, piney hops while an earthy trait and toasted bread linger in the background. The hop bite isn’t overwhelming by any means. As much as I do like a harvest-fresh IPA, the company’s Resin is still my go-to beer whenever I’m in the mood for anything from Sixpoint — that beer is just unstoppable.