Jul 12, 2016

St. Bernardus Extra 4

The St. Bernardus brand of beers has been one of my favorite for many years. The Abt 12 was one of the first, true Belgian beers that I had those several dozen moons ago and it still finds its way into my cellar on a regular basis. When I happened across a few bottles of this singel (it’s also labeled as a Belgian pale ale), it was all I could do to not act the fool as I filled up my cart.

Apparently, this 4.8% ABV beer was part of the brewery’s initial offerings when it was founded in 1946. I’m not sure what brought this one out of retirement back in 2014 — maybe the recent uptick in hoppier Belgian ales over the last few years — and, honestly, I don’t care. I just hope that I’m able to find much more of this refreshing beer. It’s a light, crisp beer with plenty of hop bitterness to keep things interesting as the fruity yeast and grain bill wash gently over the tongue.

I don’t believe that I’ve cracked open a beer from the St. Bernardus line of beers — hell, I even enjoyed their Wit — that I haven’t liked. Many bottles of the bigger beers have come and gone in my cellar and I can certainly see this little brew showing up more frequently in the fridge to refresh and while away a lazy Summer afternoon. Now, if I can just find more of it.