May 19, 2015

Sixpoint Brewing Abigale

American brewers have a tendency to over-hop just about everything they make. They know we like that piney, citrusy character, but there are just times when it’s too much. Such is the case with this particular beer. The description of Sixpoint’s Abigale can be summed up quite succinctly with the following line of text pulled straight from their website:

We’re not religious about beer styles though, so we dosed this sucker with loads of American hops.

Sure there’s some Belgian yeast in this beer’s depths and a little candi sugar for fermentation. That’s about as much “Belgian” as you’re going to get out of this 8% ABV brew. This thing is all hops. And, depending on the setting and my mood, that may not be a bad thing. On the day I reviewed this can, however, I was looking for something with more than just 52 IBU and pine.


The brew pours rich amber in color with a large, frothy cap of kakhi foam.

Sixpoint Brewing Abigale


There’s not much Belgian here. It’s all hops with plenty of pine and tropical fruits.


If there’s any Belgian yeast in this beer, it’s awfully shy. This brew is dominated by hops, hops and hops. Luscious tropical fruits (tangerine, grapefruit) and resinous pine are present from start to finish. A moderate sweetness presents itself before fading in the lasting finish.


Put simply, there’s nothing Belgian about Abigale. This beer is a double IPA with a hint of yeastiness. It’s great tasting and, as stated by the brewery, chock full of hops. If you’re a purist, this one is not for you. If you want an IPA with a little bit of yeast in the mix, I heartedly recommend you pick up a couple.

Rating: 3.75/5

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