Sep 23, 2016

Stone Brewing 6th Anniversary Porter Encore Releaase

I’m really digging Stone Brewing’s 20th Anniverdary Encore Series. Having the opportunity re-visit old favorites or experience those which you may have missed out on is pretty damn cool if you ask me. The re-release of their 6th anniversary porter is my first of these limited brews and, so far, we’re off to a great start.

This 8% ABV (60 IBU) smoked porter was the company’s first non-ipa anniversary release, encompassing everything at the opposite end of that hoppy spectrum. A meaty smoked malt dominates the flavor while cocoa, dark coffee, tobacco and a hint of anise join in on the fun. But it wouldn’t be a Stone beer without the hops, and this beer certainly provides a good bit of bitterness to accompany that smokey char.

I like a good smoked porter. This is a good smoked porter. Having missed out on the original version of this brew, I’m curious how the two compare, but as a first time encounter with it, I really don’t have any complaints — maybe a bit more of a wood influence, but that’s nitpicking. I love the smokey roast the beer presents as it’s not too overwhelming and makes for a nice change of pace from the usual fare that crosses my path. I’m looking forward to more of the Encore beers to come.