Aug 5, 2016

Stone Mocha IPA

As much as black IPAs irritate me, I’ve really been enjoying the latest rise of the coffee-infused IPA. Much like Rogue’s Cold Brew IPA, Stone’s own take on the trend — Mocha IPA — presents a smooth and surprisingly balanced flavor profile. Unlike Rogue’s brew, this latest from Stone is a big double IPA that weighs in at 9% ABV and 80 IBU.

I stated in my review for the Rogue product that the flavors it presented are what every black IPA should be in search of. Mocha IPA is in that same vein, but brings more of a tropical fruitiness to the party thanks to a blend of Cascade, Citra and Amarillo varieties. The blend of flavors those hops bring work wonderfully well with a smooth cocoa and coffee influence. None of the flavors overwhelm the others, each working in conjunction with the rest.

Mocha IPA is a wonderfully hoppy beer with just the right amount of coffee to give in a unique twist that just about any other double IPA isn’t going to have. I thoroughly enjoyed this beer and eagerly await the opportunity to purchase some more the next time I see it on shelves.