Nov 2, 2016

Sweetwater Brewing Squeeze Box

The appropriately named Squeeze Box (you’ll see why in a bit) is Sweetwater Brewing’s latest seasonal release. This 6.1% ABV (40 IBU) IPA is crafted with a blend of six hop varieties — Chinook, Columbus, Cascade, Simcoe, Goldings, Centennial — as well as a good bit of grapefruit. The result is a beer that packs a good amount of hop character and fruitiness without the overwhelming hop bite, just a tingle to let you know they’re in the mix.

So why is this beer named so well? Honestly, despite its 6.1% ABV, the beer is pretty darn “crushable” as the kids say these days. Just like that cardboard box you used to crush as a kid after pulling out the last of the juice through that tiny straw, Squeeze Box cans don’t stand a chance once this beer hits your lips. The flavors are well balanced with plenty of fruit, pine, cereal and gentle hop bitterness — all of which contribute to a thirst-quenching experience and one that you want to repeat over and over.

The two sample cans provided by the brewery didn’t last too long once I cracked open the first. Squeeze Box has an unassuming character that goes down incredibly smoothly. No bitterness. No overwhelming fruit juiciness. Just a solid IPA that delivers a vibrant and welcome flavor to remind you of the warm Summer months past and help you escape from the chill in the coming Winter air.

This is a review of a promotional sample.