Feb 12, 2016

Victory Brewing Anniversary 20 Experimental IPA

Victory Brewing’s latest annual celebratory beer isn’t necessarily all that experimental in terms of flavors or production. Anniversary 20 Experimental IPA just happens to use a rare, recently developed hop variety. Idaho 7, the hop strain in question, was found in (you guessed it) Idaho — in a low mesa area in the western part of the state with good soil and climate that allows the plant to flourish.

Whole Idaho 7 hop flowers were used in the making of this anniversary IPA, leaving the beer with a decidedly citrus-forward flavor. Orange/tangerine dominate the senses almost immediately upon cracking the bottle open. The malt bill (pilsner and carapils malt) take the IPA in a slightly different direction, as well. The crispness of the carbonation and drying finish give the IPA, well, a pilsner-like character that makes for an interesting drinking experience.

The past couple of years have been an exciting time for discovering and utilizing new hop varieties. Whether it be some unnamed variety (HBC-291) or Idaho 7, new crops are popping up it seems constantly, allowing breweries like Victory the opportunity to have a little fun. And that’s what Anniversary 20 Experimental IPA is, fun. At 5.5% ABV the beer isn’t going to cause too much damage and the orange-forward flavor makes for a refreshing brew.

This is a review of a promotional sample.