Dec 28, 2016

Wicked Weed Oblivion

I knew, after enjoying their Bombadile, that I was really going to enjoy Wicked Weed’s Oblivion. This 8.7% ABV brew is a blend of Flanders-style red ales that have been aged with blackberries and dates in red wine barrels for up to 12 months. The result is a vibrant and layered character that delivers a tart punch that reinvigorates the senses.

Oblivion is a wonderful brew with a wonderful amount of sour tartness that swells with a smooth combination of blackberries (and dates to a lesser degree). The blend also carries soft vinous notes and hints of wood from the barrel aging that just adds to the depth of flavors. While the tartness is the predominant trait, it’s not at such a high level that everything else within the beer isn’t able to shine through — the fruit and barrel influence come through quite well.

Picking up all that I could get when first spying Wicked Weed on shelves was certainly a good idea. Both Bombadile and Oblivion are excellently crafted beers with wonderful flavors. Now, I just need to be patient for the next batch that makes its way to northern Virginia — I wish I had purchased more of this brew to tide me over. Dang.