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Clown Shoes Breakfast Beast


Clown Shoes couldn’t have named this beer any better, not because Breakfast Beast is some sort of monstrosity, but because this blend of three different beers is big — both in terms of alcohol (10.5% ABV) and flavor. The brewery has tossed a blend of their Undead Party Crasher, Blaecorn Unidragon and an unnamed experimental stout into bourbon barrels for a nice while prior to then adding cold brewed coffee. The result is a dynamic and decadent brew.

I’ve had both Undead and Blaecorn in the past by themselves and in other blends created by Clown Shoes, but their presence hasn’t created nearly anything as unique and dynamic as the flavors in Breakfast Beast. I’m assuming it’s the combination of that experimental stout and the bourbon barrel aging process that have contributes a welcome flavor of graham crackers that mixes with molasses, anise, coffee, chocolate and woody notes. Everything within Breakfast Beast swirl around one another in a cohesive arrangement of elements carried along a thick, viscous mouthfeel to a long lasting and warming finish.

Belgian brewers have been blending beers for decades, but past few years have produced some truly interesting stout and strong ale blends from a variety of companies. Clown Shoes shows once again with Breakfast Beast, that they know how to utilize the best aspects from their products to craft a monster of a beer that is wholly its own entity. That said, I’d like to check out that unnamed experiment brew they’ve tossed into the mix to see if I can isolate some of this particular stout’s flavors.


Breakfast Beast pours a thick and malevolent opaque black in color. A dense head of brown foam falls smoothly to an uneven ring and patchy surface cover.

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