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Flying Dog True Blood


The last of Flying Dogs new trio of brews in their Blenders variety pack is the only 50/50 blend in the group. True Blood is half Blood Orange IPA and half The Truth, but 100% awesome. This big IPA (7.8% ABV, 60 IBU) is also my favorite of the three beers on offer in this fun and unique series.

The Truth is a massive imperial IPA packed with resinous pine and loads of hop bite. While I have not had (or recall having) Blood Orange IPA specifically, I have had the primary ingredient of that beer in other products throughout the years and its participation in this blend is outstanding. Not only does the end result still carry the weight of the piney, hoppy goodness from the Truth, the entire affair has been tempered a bit with a slightly softer level of bitterness and more approachable potency. Toss in an amplified citrusy bomb from Blood Orange IPA and you’ve got yourself one hell of a beer.

I cracked this blend open yesterday afternoon out on our back deck. The air was thick with humidity and the heat damn near oppressive, but True Blood fought through it all to deliver a well-rounded flavor profile and more than enough refreshment to allow me to forget the weather for a while. All three of the blended beers in Blenders were darn good in their own right with True Blood standing tall as my favorite of the bunch.

Perhaps enough of you all will feel the same and we can all convince Flying Dog to produce it more often, or at the very least bring it back for an encore in next year’s variety offering.

This is a review of a promotional sample.


True Blood pours a shimmering, golden amber in color with a sizable stack of pillowy white foam. The head gave way slowly, eventually falling to a full crown around the inner walls of the glass.

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