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Kindred Spirits Headspace


I don’t recall fully when Richmond’s Kindred Spirits Brewing started showing up on shelves in the Northern Virginia, but I do remember the staff of one of my favorite shops being very excited about their arrival. It was based solely on their recommendation that I picked up a couple packs of both beers available. First up is Headspace, a 7.7% ABV and 80 IBU IPA that packs a wonderful array of citrus flavors and balancing malt backbone.

There’s not a good deal of information available on this IPA — or any of the company’s other products — but I can tell you that it made one hell of a first impression with this new-to-me brewery. Headspace is certainly hop forward with a solid amount of citrus (orange and grapefruit) and smooth pine notes. The brewery was keen to keep the IPA from leaning too heavily on the hops, allowing the beer to show a solid malt backbone, bread and caramel. It makes for a hoppy treat, yet one that is nicely well rounded.

Headspace is a treat of a beer. And as the first — of hopefully many — cans from Kindred Spirits, it made a memorable first impression. Well rounded, full flavored and deceptively smooth drinking, the IPA is one that I will continue to purchase as long as it keeps showing up on shelves in the northern end of the Commonwealth.


Headspace pours a vibrant, golden amber in color with excellent clarity. The rocky cap of tawny foam falls swiftly to patchy surface cover and a thin crown.

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