Jan 11, 2017

Malheur Zestig

I don’t believe I’ve consumed any products from the Malheur brand of Belgian ales prior to running across this bottle of Zestig (dutch for “sixty” referring to the IBU value). I’ve seen various other bottles from the line, but for some reason apparently have never been curious enough to try them out. If the other’s I’ve spied taste any where like this dry-hopped Belgian strong golden ale, I may just have to be more curious.

Zestig is a a uniquely flavored ale. It’s floral and herbal as a peppery hop tingle tantalizes the senses from start to finish. The big beer is warming and lightly sweet which presents a sort of medicinal trait when combined with the herbal flavors, citrus and grassy hops. I’m not sure how old this particular bottle was, but the aroma had a twinge of age to it, though it didn’t taste overly old — which was a good thing. I’m also not positive on the hop blends used in dry-hopping Zestig, but they do provide a white peppery tingle and moderate bite.

This was an interesting strong golden ale that also served as a wonderful introduction to the brand. I wasn’t wowed by Zestig, but still thoroughly enjoyed its warming and unique character. The beer also gives me reason to check out the other bottles from the Malheur line of beers the next time I run across them.