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Oliver Brewing 206 IPA


Maryland’s Oliver Brewing has been around for a good long while (since 1993, in fact), but it’s only been recently that their products started showing up on shelves in Virginia. And what better way to get introduced than with a tasty IPA. The company’s 206 IPA is about as old school as you can get, utilizing Chinook and Cascade hops to deliver a hop profile that reminds of beers past.

The 7% ABV IPA leans heavily on those two hop varieties, providing a wonderful blend of dankness, pine resin, grass and grapefruit. Just the right amount of bready malt and caramel are present to keep everything from going too far into the hop zone, as well as, a wonderful body on which to support a solid hop bite. The crisp mouthfeel gives the beer a lively character that simply makes for a hell of a refreshing experience.

The sixer of Oliver Brewing 206 IPA didn’t last too long at all once that first can was cracked open. This is a refreshing IPA with a solid hop bite and decent balance. I’m sure that many more cans of this tasty beer will come and go at Barley Blog HQ as long as the company keeps shipping them south on 95.


206 IPA pours a golden amber in color with a cap of frothy off-white foam. The head drops slowly and evenly, leaving a thick crown of lace in its wake.

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