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Parkway Brewing Save the Galaxy


I’m a big fan of Parkway Brewing’s Baltic porter, Raven’s Roost. It’s a beer that frequently shows up in my fridge especially during the colder months. The company’s double IPA, Save the Galaxy, however, is a new one to me and I’m not entirely sure yet if it will make a return in the future.

Brewed with “copious” amounts of Citra and Mosaic hop varieties, Save the Galaxy should have a more fruit-forward character than it does. A heavy amount of bready malt imparts a solid backbone that supports everything with ease, but it also presents a bit too much caramel and grain in terms of flavor. The hops how a good amount of pine resin which I particularly enjoy, as well as a solid hop bite, but I would like a bit more grapefruit, orange and maybe some pineapple in the mix.

When it comes to double IPAs, I personally want more of a pungent hop character than I want bread and caramel. Parkway’s Save the Galaxy certainly provides the bitterness that I love, but doesn’t quite match that in terms of hop-forward flavors. The label suggests that this is a balanced experience, but it comes across a bit more muddled than even keeled in that regard. While I did enjoy aspects of the bit IPA, I’l be sticking this that wonderful Baltic porter for the time being.


A frothy, dense cap of white foam sits solidly atop the fairly muted amber and hazy brew. It looks like a double IPA.

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