Dec 13, 2017

Reaver Beach Tower of Bones

I’ve only crossed paths with Virginia’s Reaver Beach Brewing one other time prior to this review and that was a collaboration with Adroit Theory that presented some killer artwork (and a pretty tasty beer). When I saw this particular can of the company’s Tower of Bones sitting on shelves, I figured I’d see what they can do by themselves. Plus, I really love single-hopped beers and this imperial IPA utilizes the Mosaic variety to the fullest extent.

At 8% ABV and 40 IBU, Tower of Bones doesn’t particularly seem any different than any other big IPA I’ve crossed paths with, but one sip will let you know that it’s got that little something special that much of this genre is missing. The flavor is packed with pungent hops and fruity traits as tangerine, pine, a hint of cattiness and grapefruit swell in unison. Everything peaks smoothly before giving way to a pretty solid hop bite. The brew packs plenty of hop character without going overboard in any one direction (fruit vs pine/bitterness). It’s not going to wreck your palate and, as a result, is dangerously drinkable — it goes down way too easy for a big IPA.

I love IPAs that can keep everything running in a cohesive manner — luscious fruits, sticky pine, bitterness. Reaver Beach Tower of Bones manages to do just that while presenting an overall character that is refreshing, lively and won’t destroy your palate for a second pint. That said, be careful as the higher alcohol does sneak up quickly with a beer as easy drinking as this.