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Schlafly Black IPA


Much like your standard Hefeweizen, the Black IPA is a style that I haven’t really fallen in love with, though I keep buying new releases of each hoping to have found the one for me. This bottle of Schlafly IPA came courtesy the brewery and I must say, it’s pretty damned tasty. Brewed with a malt bill including Pale, Caramel and Midnight Wheat, the 7% ABV beer is (dry)hopped with a combination of Simcoe, Chinook and Mosaic hop varieties. The result is a Black IPA that displays incredible balance and is deceptively easy drinking.

Most beers of this ilk that I have crossed paths with in the past have certainly had issues with balance, while a few have nailed it. Schlafly have found the right balance with their own take. A soft roastiness and hint of cocoa (the black) linger in the background while a solid amount of pine and grapefruit (the IPA) dominate. The forward-flavored hop profile does allow the malt backbone to do its part in the relations, as well as present a gentle flowery trait late in the lasting, satisfying finish. The hop bite, at 50 IBU, isn’t going to destroy tastebuds, but does remind you that the dark beer you’re drinking is packed with hoppy goodness.

Black IPA is a pretty darn good beer. It’s a bit drying for my own personal preferences, but other that, I’ve really got no complaints. The beer’s balance is spot on, allowing all elements to present themselves at the appropriate levels. I’m not sure if I’ve found my own go-to Black IPA with Schlafly’s offering, but it’s pretty damn close.

This is a review of a promotional sample.


Schlafly's Black IPA, of course, pours an extremely dark brown, nearly black in color and just about opaque. The large stack of creamy mocha foam falls slowly to a full ring, sticky lacing left in the wake of the heads collapse.

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