Aug 21, 2017

Unibroue Lune de Miel

I’ve been a big fan of the products coming out of Unibroue long before the eventual Sapporo ownership back in 2006. The brewers at the Quebec company have produced some of the tastiest Belgian-style ales for quite some time — Terrible (a strong dark) has been a go-to cellaring option for me for years. Lune de Miel, the company’s latest limited edition release, is another solid release in a long lineage of Belgian-inspired ales.

Lune de Miel, first brewed in 2016, is an 8% ABV Belgian-style amber ale that is chock full of floral notes, spices and a smooth honey character. The beer’s aroma and taste, however leads in with a solid yeasty trait and gentle funk before those flowery and herbal notes join in (amplifying more as the beer warms in the glass). The honey lingers long into the lightly warming and drying finish of the medium bodied ale.

While tasty — and refreshing after mowing on a warm August afternoon — Lune de Miel’s flowery character is a bit too much for my own personal liking. It’s not quite on a potpourri level on the floral chart, but it is fairly strong on the tongue. I do enjoy the light fruitiness and honey character that is present from start to finish. I’m curious to see how Lune de Miel cellars as the bottle has a “best by” date extending into the year 2020.

This is a review of a promotional sample.