May 16, 2018

Boojum Brewing Galaxy Far, Far Away IPA

We’ve got neighbors that live across that street that occasionally thank us for watching their pets while they are away with beer that they’ve brought back from their trips. Both are Coors and Michelob drinkers, but they know that we like “the fancy stuff,” as it’s been described to me. On a recent trip to see their grandkids, the couple picked up a six pack of Boojum Brewing’s Galaxy Far, Far Away IPA. I don’t believe that this was purchased at the brewery as these folks aren’t the sort to do that — it was probably from a third-party shop judging by the canned date of January 3 from earlier this year.

Beyond the date, I only know what the can tells me, that this 6.3% ABV IPA is brewed with Galaxy, Falconer’s Flight and Millenium hop varieties, hence the name of the brew. And, given its age, the IPA isn’t half bad. The hop presence has faded a good bit, but there’s still a decent bit of pine, light melon notes and what feels like a light level of bitterness for the 60 IBUs it’s supposed to be packing. Galaxy Far, Far Away is an easy drinking IPA that goes down smooth with a lingering tingle of hop bitterness and bready notes late.

I’m not going to complain about free beer, especially one that still presents a good bit of hop character probably after the beer’s peak drinking date. Four months isn’t a long time for a beer to sit around in a can, but given the delicate nature of today’s IPAs, this one probably doesn’t pack as significant a flavor profile as it perhaps should. That said, there’s still a good deal to enjoy within the hazy depths of Galaxy Far, Far Away IPA. Needless to say, the sixer of cans didn’t last too long around the household.