Apr 9, 2018

Collective Arts IPA no. 4

Ontario’s Collective Arts Brewing is an interesting concept. The company focuses on combining their craft beers in an effort of promoting “emerging artists, musicians and filmmakers.” That is an interesting concept, but we’re here to check out their beer, so let’s see what we’ve got with IPA #4, a 6.4% ABV (80 IBU) brew that uses a blend of Hallertau Blanc, Mosaic and Citra hop varieties in its hazy depths.

To put it straight, IPA #4 is pretty darn good. After pouring out the can and seeing that hazy appearance, I was worried that this was going to be a fruit-juice bomb, but that’s not the case. This IPA is nicely well-rounded offsetting tropical fruit notes, pineapple and lemony citrus notes with a leafy, piney hop profile with a potent bite that keeps everything in check. A crisp mouthfeel adds to the overall experience with a refreshing nature that also accentuates that hop bitterness before wrapping up in a long lasting finish.

I’m personally not sold on the beer/art relationship that Collective Arts is trying to foster, but if it works for the artists, then so be it. As far as IPA #4 is concerned, it’s a tasty brew that hits all the right marks. It’s luscious and fruity while still imparting a solid bitterness for a fairly well-rounded and balanced array of hop flavors. I could go for a couple of these, at least, whenever Mother Nature decided to finally let Spring arrive.