Jul 20, 2018

Collective Arts Ransack the Universe

I’ve enjoyed a couple of Collective Arts IPAs over the past few months. Both have been quite tasty, presenting an impressive hop profile wrapped in some fairly interesting and eye-catching artwork. And while those two IPAs were darn good, not everything that comes out of a brewery is going to be incredible. Sometimes, things happen. Such is the case with Ransack the Universe.

Before we get into the gory details, it should be noted that Ransack the Universe isn’t a bad beer. There’s an array of aromas that’s quite interesting with leafy notes, hint of lemongrass, pineapple and grapefruit. That’s all normal and each trait makes its way into the flavor profile in a combined hop profile that is wonderfully assertive and a decent level of bitterness. The problem, at least what I believe to be an issue, arises after each swallow.

Amongst the lingering notes of herbal notes and lemon, there’s a soapiness that is a bit off-putting. Ransack the Universe was poured into a freshly cleaned and rinsed glass. And yet, I still taste a lingering flavor of hand soap. Everything before that finish is wonderful, but all that my tastebuds remember after each sip is that soapiness. It’s certainly a possibility that my brain is trying to translate the flavors it’s picking up, but all that comes out of my cerebral database is hand soap. That’s not a good lasting impression.