Sep 20, 2018

Commonwealth Bizango

Just the other day, I was lauding Commonwealth for their impressive Iconoclast — a damn fine double IPA. Today, I’m not necessarily ragging on one of their beers, but I am certainly confused by it, and perhaps that’s the reaction that should be elicited by a hazy triple IPA with a subtle flavor profile and very little hop bitterness. Not only is Bizango sporting a rather off-kilter name, but also a flavor profile unexpected for the style.

This big (10% ABV) IPA is about as subtle as you can get in terms of aroma and flavor. Sure there are tropical fruit notes like pineapple, lemon zest and some melon rind in the beer’s milky appearance. Pine and grassy hops also make an appearance as well as — at least it’s the impression I get — possibly lactose. But nothing about Bizango really pops or stands out on its own. I wouldn’t say the beer is muddled by any means, but for a beer this big and of this style it’s not nearly as potent or memorable as it should be. In fact, it’s more mellow any most smaller IPAs that you can find on just about any shelf across the Beerdom.

Bizango is an intriguing beer. As a triple IPA there are aspects that are missing, but also elements that I fully endorse. Which ones are which, however, is where my brain starts to misfire. For such a big beer, it’s fairly delicate in terms of flavor, but hearty in body and mouthfeel. So deceptively drinkable that your glass is empty and you’re left wondering what it is that you just drank.