Jul 2, 2018

Evolution DelMarVa Pure Pils

I love big hoppy IPAs and robust stouts, but during the heat of Summer, nothing hits the spot for me, personally, like a crisp pilsner. I don’t always think to purchase them, but when I cross paths with one, like Evolution’s DelMArVa Pure Pils, I end up kicking myself for not stocking up. This 4.8% ABV (30 IBU) pilsner just about hits all the marks that I look for in a hot weather quencher. The beer is light on the alcohol, crisp on the palate and clean in the finish — refreshing nicely and begging for a refill.

The straw colored pilsner presents a crisp and clean character that carries yeast, grain, grassy hops and a bright, lemony zest across the tongue. DelMarVa Pure Pils’ presents a lively and active level of carbonation that proves to accentuate the otherwise mild hop bite. Everything swells briskly to a refreshing peak before fading slowly in the lasting finish that just begs you to take another sip from the glass (or bottle if that’s your thing).

The weather outside wasn’t nearly as hot as it currently is in northern Virginia as of this posting, but Evolutions DelMarVA still kept everything cool and refreshing with its easy drinking nature. The beer is maybe a bit too sharp, but still that brisk carbonation certainly awakens the senses that may have dulled a bit in the wilting heat. I’ll certainly be adding this brew to my list of Summer time treats that are available locally. Can’t believe I haven’t run across it until the arrival of this sample.

This is a review of a promotional sample.