Feb 27, 2019

Mikkeller Queensfisher

Queensfisher, a 4.4% ABV pilsner, is a joint collaboration between Mikkeller NYC and Babu Ji, a New York “hot spot” restaurant. The beer both celebrates the gypsy brewer’s first year established in the city and serves as an homage to India’s Kingfisher — a lager that is apparently on the decline if the press sheet is to be believed.

At any rate, we’re more interested in this particular lager than the reasons behind its existence with this review.

The artwork is simple, the beer straightforward. There’s no need to dress this tasty lager up any further as it’s presence on the palate is more than enough to speak for itself. An active mouthfeel and lively carbonation carry biscuity malt, grain notes, yeast, soft honey and a touch of lemony citrus. A gentle sweetness is countered wonderfully by a pleasant hop bitterness that makes for an incredibly well-balanced experience.

At the lower level of alcohol that Queensfisher possesses, this pilsner is great for a long session on the back deck, enjoying the warm glow of the Spring sun. The bitterness is low, but still enough to let you know its there, adding a welcome freshness to the affair.

I’m a fan of pilsners. Mikkeller have themselves and excellent, no-frills example that I particularly enjoyed. It hits just about all the right marks for a tasty and refreshing quencher.

This is a review of a promotional sample.