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Karl Strauss Follow the Sun Pils


I’ve said it many times through the existence of this site, there’s nothing like a good, cold pilsner — nothing. Karl Strauss solidly re-enforce that thought with their tasty, year-round Follow the Sun Pils. This 4.8% ABV brew has been around for a few years, though previously labeled or brewed as a kolsch. Regardless, the cans of Follow the Sun that arrived at Barley Blog HQ hit the spot perfectly.

A refreshing combination of biscuity malt, cereal grains, soft yeast, light lemony citrus notes, leafy/grassy hop traits and a gentle tingle of bitterness present themselves in a balanced manner. A lightly crisp mouthfeel carries everything at a good pace across the palate leaving an echo of crackers and soft citrus in its wake, eventually heading into the lasting and lightly drying finish. Follow the Sun has a moreish quality that makes it a great refresher for the long Summer months to come.

It’s beers like this tasty, refreshing treat that really do it for me after working out in the yard or slogging through a long commute home from the office. Follow the Sun and its pilsner brethren (the good ones, at any rate) provide an invigorating sense of refreshment that not many beers can. Sure a big, burly and barrrel-aged stout may offer more in terms of dynamic flavors, but it will never top that classic pilsner flavor and nature. Needless to say, neither can provided by Karl Strauss even stood a chance of lasting more than a day or two in my fridge.

This is a review of a promotional sample.


A fluffy head of soft, white foam builds smoothly atop the pale straw brew before falling to a full collar. Lazy bubble rise slowly to the surface.

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