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Evolution Pine’hop’le IPA


I’m all for the injection of fruit flavors, whether derived from actual fruit or their juices, into a hoppy IPA. But when that fruit influence takes too strong a hold, blinding the drinker from ever enjoying the actual base beer? That’s where I have a problem with the sub-genre. Thankfully, Evolution Craft Brewing don’t have one of those experiences with their awesomely named Pine’hop’le IPA.

The 6.8% ABV (65 IBU) IPA is brewed with pineapple juice and a fairly aggressive hop profile. The result is a beer that not only delivers a good bit of pineapple aroma and flavor, but also one that allows for a healthy amount of pine and grapefruit to shine through the tropical juice notes. Those 65 IBUs certainly don’t hurt either as Pine’hop’le provides a nice amount of bitterness to cut the juicy sweetness. The balanced flavors mingle cohesively before heading into a lasting echo in the long finish.

Fruity IPAs are here to stay. I get it. And beers like Evolutions Pine’hop’le IPA that help me accept them all that much easier. For every good fruit-forward IPA like this from particular bottle from Maryland, there are three more that are simply just fizzy fruit juice with alcohol. Finding the right balance isn’t easy apparently, but Evolution seem to have got it down with this well-mannered and easy drinking IPA.

This is a review of a promotional sample.


A dense head of tawny foam falls to a full collar around the surface of the hazy, light amber brew.

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