Apr 24, 2018

Maine Beer Woods & Waters

I picked up this bottle of Maine Beer Woods & Waters back in late March (and enjoyed a day or two later). Much like the company’s much hyped Lunch, this IPA was also only available at a rate of one bottle per shopper. Also, similar to its more sought after sibling, this 6.2% ABV IPA provides a delicate presentation and experience. Unlike Lunch, however, I don’t believe this beer — commemorating the establishment of the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument — was worthy of the one-per-person limit.

Woods & Water is a tasty little brew. It carries an earthy and natural overall character driven by a light hop profile — a good bit of pine, lemongrass, soft citrus and wheat-forward grain profile. A hint of honey and distant floral traits linger gently. The mouthfeel is quite crisp, almost sharp really, and helps accentuate the hop bitterness before everything wraps up in the lasting and lightly drying finish.

I like the IPAs that Maine Beer crafts. They are unique and a breath of fresh air in most cases. Woods & Waters is a tasty little brew and helps put a spotlight on our parks, but I’m not sure that the shop I purchased it from should have presented it as a single bottle limits as they did. The IPA is good, but it’s not outstanding. I think a six pack of it would have gone over better than just the single 12 oz bottle that I reviewed.