Jun 8, 2018

Offshoot Beer Relax

I’m not one to panic over pouring a hazy, unfiltered IPA into my glass. When there are chunks of material suspended within the brew, however, that’s when I become concerned. Luckily Offshoot Beer’s Relax isn’t sporting any foreign bodies, but then again, you’d be hard pressed to notice them in this hazy brew. And to say this thing is hazy is an understatement — it’s damn near milky in appearance.

As with most New England style, unfiltered IPAs, Relax is fruit forward, but not so ludicrously fruity as some of its peers. Herbal hop notes and pine still present a solid case in the aroma and once the brew hits the tastebuds on the crisp, medium body. There’s also a good amount of bitterness that helps keep that tropical fruit profile from going overboard. It’s not a juicebomb by any means.

Much like the non-threatening silhouette of the whale shark on the can’s artwork, there’s no reason to fear this hazy IPA. I thoroughly enjoyed the balanced approach between the tropical fruit notes, pine and herbal notes that come together for a unique experience while still retaining a good amount of bitterness that lingers long into the finish. Color me impressed with this introduction to the California brewery. Relax is a darn good beer.