Oct 21, 2019

Almanac Tropical Galaxy

When I picked up this bottle of Almanac Tropical Galaxy long ago, I remember going into it that I was super excited about all of the ingredients except for the “coconut” that appears on the label. There are very few exceptions where I like that particular adjunct in my beer. Thankfully, the dry-hopping, lime and tartness do well in masking any of from my beer tasters.

Tropical Galaxy is a fun and lively beer. The farmhouse funk and grain bill offer a solid base on which a moderate sour tartness, lime and tropical fruits can flourish. The tartness is not so overwhelming as to drown out the well-balanced flavor profile. The crisp and active mouthfeel only proves to add to the experience as it playfully pushes everything around the mouth smoothly with each swallow, eventually ending with a light dryness and lasting tingle of tartness.

My fears of that coconut were wholly unfounded, but I would not have known that had I shied away from Almanac’s delectable and tasty Tropical Galaxy. The beer is nicely balanced with great flavor and an approachable level of sour tartness that would be welcome at just about any level of craft beer drinker. Having enjoyed this beer (and written these notes) eight months ago, I wonder if they still make this one…